AorTech Today

Our first generation polymer technology (Elast-Eon™) is currently used in:

-Interventional Cardiology

-Cardiac Rhythm Management






-Cardiac Surgery

These applications include including pacing leads, cardiac cannulae, pacemaker headers, neurostimulation devices, circulatory support (LVAD’s and total artificial hearts) and stents.  There are an ever growing number of Elast-Eon™ based devices being used in life sustaining situations.  There are currently several million patient years of failure-free Elast-Eon™ service and our base business continues to grow.

- AorTech has a number of Licenses that are moving toward clinical use.

- AorTech has a strong pipeline of emerging device opportunities.

- AorTech has a number of Licenses that are moving towards clinical use.

- AorTech has a component supply business is established and is growing.

- AorTech’s internal device development programs continue to mature and we expect them to provide a significant return on investment.

- AorTech has a risk diversified technology base being used in multiple therapy areas.

- AorTech has launched a next generation of biologically stable polymers (ECSil™)